ARTICLE TITLE: The Function of Educational Institution on Vocational Training Workers and Employees: a Feather in the Hand or a Bird in the Air?
AUTHORS: Latova N.
ABSTRACT: The carried out analysis is based on the materials of the project "Education, labor market and social behavior of youth in modern economic situation". In this article the data of students of average special educational institutions are analyzed. These institutions train skilled workers and employees. Till 2013 they entered the primary professional education (PPE). In 2013 there was a formal liquidation of this system. Now the former students of PPE are students of the "lowest" average special educational institutions (lyceums and professional schools). These educational institutions often advertise themselves as the best way to get the higher education without any exams after graduating from these institutions. But actually the most students are young people who didn't plan to receive the higher education. Nowadays such educational institutions carry out the functions of working class reproduction.
KEYWORDS: youth , education , ISCED 3 , ISCED 4 , primary professional education , training skilled workers and employees , demand of educational services , choice of profession