ARTICLE TITLE: Middle class: world trends and Russian reality
AUTHORS: Avraamova E.
ABSTRACT: The article reviews the world trends in the development of the middle class made by various international expert organizations. The tendency is that both the growth of national economies as well as stagnation decreases the share of middle class. However, the reduction mechanisms are fundamentally different: in case of the economic growth the decline of the middle class is accompanied by the increase of the number in more prosperous layers, while in case of stagnation, the middle class decreases, to the flow into the poorest segments. Expert organizations point out the increasing role of human capital and, education in particular in balancing of the social structure caused by the growth of middle class population. Russian researches shown that the Russian middle class is developing in the mainstream with global trends, but has its own features
KEYWORDS: middle class , vertical mobility , social structure , human capital , standard of living