ARTICLE TITLE: Income Stratification in Russia in Comparison with Other Countries
AUTHORS: Tikhonova N.
ABSTRACT: In the article (that is part of a block of two articles, the first of which was published in the previous issue of the journal) analysis of income stratification specifics in Russian society in comparison with other countries (Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Mexico, China) is presented, based on the data from several nationwide surveys. It is shown that the model of income stratification based on the relation between per capita income in a particular household and median income in the country efficiently captures features that are associated with different models of society. Russian specifics of income stratification in comparison to other countries is analyzed. Based on the comparative international data of "International Social Survey Programme" (ISSP), it is demonstrated that income stratification model of the Russian society is typical of European countries. At the same time, according to the depth of income inequality Russia occupies an intermediate position between European countries and countries of the former "third world"
KEYWORDS: social structure , stratification , income , social status , modernization , poverty