ARTICLE TITLE: Tatyana Zaslavskaya as an economist and sociologist: the way to science and life in science
AUTHORS: Shabanova M.
ABSTRACT: The paper seeks to generate insights as to the way made to science and life in science by one of Russia's leading social economists and sociologists T.I. Zaslavskaya (1927–2013). Zaslavskaya's way to science is described in connection with her socialization and professionalization, her civic position as well as with the mentoring traditions of her teachers and herself as the Teacher and a founder of her own school of thought. The paper identifies the consistency of key concepts integral to the economic and sociological periods of Zaslavskaya's academic career and points out the growing expansion and complexity of her research area. Special emphasis is made on the up-to-date significance of the concepts and theories developed by Zaslavskaya over years for social economics, economic and general sociology and an interdisciplinary conceptualization of post-communist transformations.
KEYWORDS: Zaslavskaya , social economics , economic sociology , Novosibirsk School of Economic Sociology , social mechanisms , post-communist transformations