ARTICLE TITLE: Post-soviet political regimes: developing trends in the light of current amendments wave
AUTHORS: Medushevsky A.
ABSTRACT: The article examines the current wave of constitutional amendments in post-Soviet area (2014–2018) as an answer to the revolutionary breakdown of political regime in Ukraine (2014) and a search for new strategies of political modernization. It traces the different attitudes to constitutional reforms agenda – revolutionary, reformist and counter-reformist, showing how the balance of power has been shifted in political regimes with parliamentary, semi-presidential and presidential systems of government. It discusses the importance of ideological grounds and substantive features of new constitutional provisions as well as legal and technical mechanisms of their elaboration, adoption and implementation in different countries of the region. The author provides an incisive account of the phenomenon of the political regimes legitimacy crisis and the role of new institutions in overcoming it
KEYWORDS: Post-Soviet political regimes , revolution , reform , counter-reform , breakdown of political regimes , authoritarianism , forms of government – parliamentary, semi-presidential, presidential , legitimacy crisis , constitutional amendments , political modernization