ARTICLE TITLE: Traditional culture in a polycentric world. Article 1. Traditional culture and modernity: possibilities and conditions of dialogue
AUTHORS: Shemyakina O.
ABSTRACT: The author's goal is to analyze the possibilities of actualizing traditional culture in a modern polycentric world. The spotlight of O.D. Shemyakina is the study and comprehension of Russian experience, which is considered, however, in a comparatively historical context. The author comes to the conclusion that the clash of two processes that are different in their nature, globalization and the rebellion of exceptions (O. Paz), that is, the intensified accentuation of features of distinctiveness of various specific historical and cultural communities, generates a worldwide crisis of identification, the drama of a clash between native and ecumenical. And this crisis was most sharply manifested at the individual level. The author emphasizes the urgent need to find a common basis for a cultural dialogue, especially relevant in modern conditions, when can be heard more and more voices of cultures with a different in comparison with Occident approach to solving the key problems-the contradictions of human existence, the correlation of faith and ration, with the special role of the community archetype, domination of space over time within the framework of the spatial and temporal continuum of culture, with a specific relation of pre-axis (pagan-mythological) and axial (based on the world religions) traditions.
KEYWORDS: tradition , traditionalism , culture , polycentric world , dialogue , archaic