ARTICLE TITLE: Traditional culture in a polycentric world. Article 2. Traditional culture in the context of the challenges of modernization. Russian experience in a comparative-historical perspective
AUTHORS: Shemyakina O.
ABSTRACT: The achievement of an optimal balance of the values of modernization (a single complex of which was first formed in the West in the 17th-18th centuries) and traditional culture, including its archaic component, is a necessary condition for achieving the integrity of national organisms. Ignoring the creative potential of traditional culture, including archaism, the inability to enter into a constructive dialogue with it is one of the main factors that gave rise to the crisis of both the Western civilization discourse and the first Russian “modern” project – “St. Petersburg Russia” since the XVIII century. The fact that such a constructive dialogue was in principle quite possible is convincingly demonstrated by the author's conclusion about the example of the Russian Old Believers, the key role that they played in the process of capitalist modernization of Russia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the own project of Russia's renewal of P. Ryabushinsky and his adherents assuming an organic mix of the heritage of pre-Petrine Russia and the values of modernization.
KEYWORDS: modernization , traditional society , modern-project , Aristotelian paradigm , archaic