ARTICLE TITLE: Crisis and Future of Labour under the Trends of Civilization Development
AUTHORS: Sidorina T.
ABSTRACT: The modern world creates its own attitude to labour. What is happening today in the sphere of labour? Is the issue of labour crisis still relevant? Hard work of the industrial era becomes a thing of the past. New working practices as well as new challenges for labour are appearing now. Alongside with the growth of unemployment, trudotsentrizm becomes the consequences of technical innovation development. In this regard, there arises the question of preservation of human capital. Recently, the sharp criticism of the “end of labour diagnosis in its classical sense” has been replaced by open hostility to labour in post-industrial economy and under neo-liberalism. Shall we reject labour and float freely on the waves of globalization? Or shall we overcome the alienation and return to the understanding of high significance of labor in human life and society.
KEYWORDS: labour , society , state , civilization , globalization , crisis , postindustrial epoch