ARTICLE TITLE: At the Roots of the Russian Reformation (Reading the F.M. Dostoevsky Novel "The Double")
AUTHORS: Davydov A.
ABSTRACT: The article deals with the analysis of Dostoevskys thought of the "little man" in the conditions of formation of Russia's "big society". We investigate the conflict between the patriarchal stereotypes in the mentality of the hero and the need arose to him to think rationally. Based on the output of the writer of the conflict between the patriarchal culture of Russia, which is inefficient and therefore bad, and culture of the West, which, while efficiently and effectively, but even worse, because it is from the devil, the author shows that starting from the story "The Double" ( 1846), Dostoevsky determine its anti-European choice. If Pushkin, raised the problem of personality - can be considered a pillar of the Russian Reformation, Dostoevsky - adept Russian religious and community soil, was the first herald of the Russian Counter-Reformation.
KEYWORDS: Dostoevsky , patriarchal stereotypes , culture of the West , Russian Counter-Reformation