ARTICLE TITLE: The Standard of Living in Russia: the Trajectory of the Processes of Structuration in post-Soviet society
AUTHORS: Belyaeva L.
ABSTRACT: Modern concepts of the organization of the markets have added some new elements to the neo-classical theoretical tradition. Among them understanding of indissolubility of the agents’ market behavior with material & technical aspects of forming of the markets as well as new kinds of the market interactions. The article exposes new forms of the market power and the market domination in the present economy. The Author shows a set of types of the market coordination by means of actors’ interactions through mechanisms of power, mechanisms of transactions (contracts) and through network coordination on the base of up-to-date forms of communication, cooperation and equality of the partners (collaboration).
KEYWORDS: market coordination , market interactions , market domination , the common character of firm and the market , “relationship” coordination , partnership , collaboration , interaction through information