ARTICLE TITLE: In the Eve of the Centenary of the October Revolution (Some Results of Historical Research of the October 1917 Revolution in Russia)
AUTHORS: Feldman M.
ABSTRACT: The article describes the main directions of the October revolution of 1917 in Russia historiography over the last decade. The author makes the conclusions about the nature and driving forces of the revolution. The author focuses on the development of mythological tendencies in modern historical literature. In the article positive changes in historiography October 1917 and the evidences of the leading role of the army in the events of the revolution are indicated. The author denies the proletarian character of the revolution in Russia and shows the relationship of uneven industrial and capitalist development of Russia's regions and the dynamics of the revolutionary events of autumn 1917. The author develops the thesis that the collapse of the Empire provoked the most primitive forms of social aggression in the most intricate shapes – from left radicalism to militant nationalism.
KEYWORDS: historical science , the October revolution , Russia , socialism , the army , the proletarian , the national liberals