ARTICLE TITLE: The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Social Capital in the Russian Context
AUTHORS: Tatarko A. , Mironova A. , Chuvashov S.
ABSTRACT: The study focuses the impact of ethnic diversity on social capital in the Russian context. Components of "bridging social capital" and "bonding social capital" are considered as dependent variables in the present study. The results showed that ethnic diversity does not have a negative impact on social capital, in the Russian context as it was assumed in the Putnam's hypothesis. In particular, ethnic diversity in Russia is positively related to the norms of ethnic tolerance and the density of informal networks of the respondents. Additionally ethnic diversity has no significant "devastating" impact on generalized trust and formal networks of the respondents. The article discusses the reasons for the obtained results.
KEYWORDS: social capital , socio-psychological capital , ethnic diversity , trust , ethnic tolerance , formal networks , informal networks