ARTICLE TITLE: Perceived Discrimination and Acculturation of Russians in the North Caucasus: the Role of Ethnic and Regional Identity Incompatibility
AUTHORS: Lepshokova Z. , Lebedeva N.
ABSTRACT: The article examines a perception of the Russians, living in the North Caucasus, their discrimination and its relationship with acculturation processes. It is shown that the discrimination perceived by the dominant population is positively related to the incompatibility of the ethnic (Russian) and regional (Caucasian) identities. This incompatibility is not conducive to the integration of any strategy aimed at preserving their culture, nor the adoption of the dominant culture, shaping the choice of the strategy of separation and marginalization. The relationship of perceived discrimination and assimilation policies (assuming the local culture of the population) is not mediated by the incompatibility of the ethnic and regional identities.
KEYWORDS: acculturation strategies , perceived discrimination , perceived identity incompatibility , ethnic (Russian) identity , regional (Caucasian) identity , Russians , Kabardino-Balkaria , North Caucasus