ARTICLE TITLE: Revolt of the Soviet masses: politico-anthropological analysis
AUTHORS: Nisnevich Yu.
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the political and anthropological analysis of the revolt of the Soviet masses phenomenon as a result of revolution of the early 1990's in the USSR, which has freed society from the Soviet party and government fetters. The revolt of the Soviet masses made possible the forefront of public and political life in post-Soviet Russia, and enabled the vertical invasion of the Soviet nomenclature to the public authority of the new state. A comparative analysis of ontological features of the Ortega y Gassets mass man and simple Soviet man both were conducted. Its shown that the Soviet man who constituent the vast majority in the ruling and in the driven social strata and groups was committed to state-paternalistic orientation, imperial syndrome and personalized perception of power, has become one of the key political actors. This has created favorable social conditions for the development of post-revolutionary political process not on the path to democracy, but towards the formation of personalized neo-authoritarian regime of corporate type
KEYWORDS: revolt of the masses , simple Soviet man , nomenclature , political and anthropological analysis