ARTICLE TITLE: The Challenges of the Information Society and the Science of Archives
AUTHORS: Yumasheva Ju.
ABSTRACT: The article deals with problems of adaptation of the traditional humanities historical sciences of the realities of the digital world. The author analyzes the essential changes in the research tools archival, source, archeography and other special historical disciplines in connection with the widespread introduction of information technologies, the transformation of the conceptual apparatus and examination of historical sources (archival documents, museum artifacts, rare books) as “information objects”: both “digitized” (translated into electronic form and submitted by means of computer technology) and born-digital documents. The author attempts to identify practical steps to change the professional methodology to the new conditions of the information environment, consider the variety of historical sources from the viewpoint of information theory and the development of new, relevant e-reality multidisciplinary methods and techniques.
KEYWORDS: information society , information , archive science , historical science , interdisciplinary approaches , information technologies