ARTICLE TITLE: The 21st Century and the Outdated Philosophy (On the Jubilee Report to the Club of Rome)
AUTHORS: Nazaretyan A.
ABSTRACT: The Club of Rome was formed in 1968 and since that time, has essentially contributed to the ecological education of both the professional politicians and the public. The pivotal idea of its scientific reports has always been to consider humans as nothing more than one of the equipollent biological species, but the one that is interfering with the natural laws and thus risking to disappear. The latest collective report dedicated to the Clubs 50th anniversary follows the same biocentric line. Our commentary considers the attitudes conceptual and practical side effects. The core concept in the 21st century ecological philosophy is the anthroposphere that is a radically more complex system than the biosphere, in which the humans are becoming creative constructors with their minds as the controlling link. Respectively, evolutions strategic prospect is not the natural conditions restoring but on the contrary, the deepening and widening transformations of the spontaneous processes led by the reasonable actor